Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How it all ends

YouTube Video Series Leads Global Warming Discussion

By Holly Van Woerkom, BYU Newsnet, February 19, 2008.

Exploding balloons and test tubes? Check. Average-looking guy with a funny hat? Check. Low-tech filming techniques? Check. These elements included in the… video How It All Ends [10 min] may have contributed to its extreme popularity among YouTube viewers. But unlike other YouTube sensations, which are typically anything but thought provoking, this is a video with a cause - its creator hopes to change public opinion on global climate change. Oregon high school teacher Greg Craven's quest to spark discussion about global climate change began in August 2007, when he posted a video on called The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See [9 1/2 sec] which quickly gained more than 3 million hits in its first six months. After thousands of comments and criticisms from viewers, Craven created the equally successful How It All Ends, part of a 44-part, six hour expansion pack, which he says 'answers every single objection or question to my argument that I've come across to date.'

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Listen to the Wombat

Carbon Fast for Lent

Episcopal Cafe has a proposal for a greener Lent.
By James Jones

Traditionally people have given up things for Lent. Last year in the Diocese of Liverpool many parishes took part in a Carbon Fast. Through it we were able to focus on God’s Earth and its poorest people in whom, Jesus said, we were to find him.

This year, in Lent 2008, we invite as many as can to join us in a Carbon Fast.

Suggestions for the first week:
Ash Wednesday: Remove one light bulb (without inviting danger).

Thursday: Check your house for draughts with a ribbon or feather. If it flutters, buy a draught excluder.

Friday: Whatever mode of transport you usually use, try to make at least one of your journeys more environmentally friendly.

Saturday: Consider whether or not you’re using all available avenues for recycling (don’t forget that charity shops play a valuable role).

Week 2

Sunday: Find the most environmentally friendly way you can to get to church today (e.g. walk, bike, car share).

Monday: Turn your central heating thermostat down by one degree. If you have separate thermostats on radiators, adjust them to suit the use of the room.

Tuesday: Check that all electrical equipment is switched off rather than on standby when not in use. Screen savers do not save electricity.

Wednesday: As chocolate is still on the menu this Lent, be sure to reward yourself with Fair trade chocolate.

Thursday: Ensure your mobile phone charger is unplugged when not in use.

Friday: Plan your menu for next week and buy only enough food to avoid waste.

Saturday: When shopping, employ the LOAF principle – that is buy Locally produced, Organic, Animal friendly, and Fairly traded goods.

All six weeks here.

More resources here.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

No impact man

A guilty liberal finally snaps, swears off plastic, goes organic, becomes a bicycle nut, turns off his power, composts his poop and, while living in New York City, generally turns into a tree-hugging lunatic who tries to save the polar bears and the rest of the planet from environmental catastrophe while dragging his baby daughter and Prada-wearing, Four Seasons-loving wife along for the ride.

So says No Impact Man at his blog. Lots of links and ideas for going green.