Sunday, April 24, 2011

Circle Connections shares this prayer by Akasa Wolfsong for Earth Day:

Earth Mother, Our Mother…

I thank You deeply for Your
sustenance each day so that
I might live.

Remind me daily of the beauty
I see in You, through wondrous
cloud, the ant busily working,
the dandelion blooming, the
bee busy gathering nectar,
the birds of the air soaring on
the thermals.

Remind of your Waters that
are home to the creatures that
share the planet with me.

Remind me to stand in amazement
for all good things which come
from You, Blessed Mother.

As I am reminded then Mother Earth,
let me say a silent prayer, one
which sprouts from a glad heart,
one which feels Your Love as You
continually support me, so that I
may feel Your grace within, so that I
may always stand in amazement.

Bless You Earth Mother…


Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Sister Mother Earth gets equal rights

A Franciscan Spirituality blog, Dating God, about legally recognizing "Our Sister Mother Earth:"
Bolivia, the poorest nation in South America, is leading the way toward recognizing the inherent dignity of creation in a legal way, seeking to grant equal rights enjoyed by humans to nature. In an age when the United States Supreme Court can grant equal rights to corporations so they can spend unrestricted amounts of money on political campaigns, among other activities, it seems that granting creation equal rights with humans — recalling the creation is also living, whereas corporations are a human construct — The Mother Earth Law, as it is being called, makes much more sense.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Friday and Earth Day

The Anglican Church of Canada has prepared additional liturgical materials for this year's Good Friday Earth Day:
April 22, 2011, is Good Friday as well as Earth Day. The Greening Anglican Spaces Task Group has assembled a Good Friday Earth Day Reflection , a Good Friday Liturgical Resource designed to be interpolated into the Book of Alternative Services Good Friday rite, and has assembled a short list of liturgical resources which may be helpful to worship planners.

The task group has also partnered with Faith and the Common Good who have designed a Carbon Calculator so people can discover the hidden cost of our carbon use.

A Solemn Intercession:
Let us pray for God's creation and for the whole web of life.
for those people and creatures who have been betrayed by human greed and
for nations and communities suffering deluge or drought,
for species on the brink of extinction,
for families and those dispossessed of home and land,
for future generations inheriting the fruits of human neglect and exploitation.
that God, Source of all life,
will show us anew the miracle of creation,
proclaimed in our beginnings, and promised in our future.

A Collect
Oh God, you created the heavens and the earth
and saw that it was good.
Give us the eyes to see your goodness
in all that gives life,
and give us the will
to put to death our indifference to your creation,
that rising with you to new life
we may participate in the healing and restoration of the earth.