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EARTH DAY April 22,2007

From: Episcopal News Service

Earth Day Sunday set for April 22; NCC resources available for congregations

March 26, 2007[Episcopal News Service]
"The Food that Sustains Us" is the theme of the National Council of Churches (NCC) Eco-Justice Program's observation of Earth Day Sunday, April 22. Each year, the NCC produces a resource to help congregations engage in the Earth Day Sunday theme. This year's edition, "Our Daily Bread: Harvesters of Hope and Gardeners of Eden," offers background on farm and food related issues, with worship resources and study ideas for youth and adults.

The packet also includes information and resources for the "Sow Justice" campaign, Christians working together to advocate for a more just farm and food policy.

"The Earth Day materials are timed to coincide with the consideration of the U.S. Farm Bill, up for reauthorization by September 2007," said John B. Johnson, domestic policy analyst in the Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations.

"The Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of conservation legislation our country enacts," said Cassandra Carmichael, Eco-Justice Program director for NCC. "It has the potential to deliver justice, not only to God's creatures, land, water, and air, but also to rural communities, small and mid-sized farmers, and people living in poverty. We, as people of faith, should strive for a farm bill that is just and sustainable."

The Sow Justice campaign features postcards to legislators calling for increased funding for farm-based conservation programs, for strengthening rural life and local food systems, and for equal access to programs for small-scale and minority farmers.

Karen Galles, associate director of the NCC Eco-Justice program, explains how the post card action works.

"I have been sending bundles of cards to congregations," she said. "They are signed and returned to us. Instead of a Congress member's office getting one or two a week for the next eight months, they get a whole bunch of them all on one day, delivered by a real person who can talk about the principles supported by the cards and their many signers."

Johnson acknowledged that Episcopalians of both the Republican and Democrat parties serve on agriculture committees in the house and senate, "and have been crucial in the past at preserving programs such as food stamps ... The post card campaign is an important way for Episcopalians and other Christians to show Congress that we are paying close attention to the Farm Bill this year."

Learn more, download materials, and list your congregation's Earth Sunday event here.

Download the Earth Sunday packet here.

To order free "Sow Justice" postcards, e-mail info@nccecojustice.org or call 202-544-2350.

Episcopal Public Policy Network on the Farm Bill. Click HERE

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