Saturday, March 10, 2007

Video Contest

Convenient Truth Contest
From the web site:

A lot of these videos are full of green goodness but let this criterion guide your voting and rate below. Tell us, which entries best address solutions to reducing one's personal carbon emissions? Which are the most:

*Inspiring (Does it make me want to do something?)

*Pragmatic (Does it provide me answers, tools so I can take action?)

*Compelling (Does it make me laugh, make me sad, make me angry, make me shivery?)

Your vote counts! Videos are rated 1-5 with 5 being the highest rating!

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Just Say No - Thanks
Sustainable Solutions: Hunter Lovins
Convenient Truths: Climate And Action
No More Plastic Bags
Don't Run Up The Bill
Redefining The Environmental Movement
Bear Necessities
Try The Patch
Don't Be Goob
Spend Wisely
O Goods
Plant A Seed
Man Of Convenience: Part III
Plastic Bag Pillow
Man Of Convenience: Part II
Guinea Pig M
Man Of Convenience: Part I
HMS Environmental Management
It's So Easy
He Gets Around
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
An Inconvenient Cubicle
Carless In L.A.
Little Guy (Make A Start) Music Video
A Brighter Idea
YOU Can Stop Climate Change
Families Fight Back
Think Green
Animal Guide To Saving The Planet
I Am A Climate Activist
Good vs. Bad
Green Kids
Keep It Green, Keep It Clean
One Up
Food Production
The Commute
Aurora City Of Lights' Struggle With The Environment
My World Is Melting
Better Late Than Never
Save Our Planet
Sid The Lid Meets Tumbleweed
Chickens Enlighten, Humans Change, World Improves
Eat Local
Making A Way
Change A Light Bulb
Chicken Little
Road Rage
Even Small Actions Make A Difference
Calling All Earth Lovers!
Toothbrush Problem
Follow Me
Cool Notebooks For A Hot Planet
Solar Power Walking Chariot
Friends Don't Let Friends...
Wasting Xmas
Stop, Drop, & Rock
Enviroman Takes on Biodiesel
Reality in the Self-Checkout Lane
Reduce Reuse Recycle At Boulder Community Hopsital
Demand Reduction At Boulder Community Hospital
Changing A Lightbulb And Boulder Community Hospital
Carrying Power: Solar Energy On The Go
Rust Belt
Forage! An Exploration in Collaborative Art Making Through Re-Use
Light on the Pedal, Light on the Planet
Passive Solar Techniques For Year-Round Local Food - Even In Cold Climates
The Living Building Challenge
Going In Circles
Scotty P's Convenient Truths
A Terrible Pickle
Peace Corps Experience in Guatemala
The Man Who Planted Trees
The Power of Straw
Work Harder
Worm Poop - The Other "Black Gold"
What Can Regular People Do About Global Warming?
What Can I Do?
Save Energy, Need Less
Recycle America, Close the Loop
A Kid, A Car, And An Idea
Gwoble Wawming Solooshons
Future Mechanics
Secondary Footprints: Reducing the Impact
Team Denim At The 2006 Tour de Sol

If you're looking for the EPIC International Prize nominees, please click here.

Not on the list but informative - one day, one person, carbon wasting.

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