Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lander Recycles

Our local community has some recycling. Trash Matters is the umbrella web site for disposal of all recyclables. An easy to use drop down menu finds where to take things. Over 26 categories from Animal Waste to Vehicle-related items. Clothing, furniture, and all the regular items of paper, glass, plastic, cans, etc can be recycled. Somethings can go to agencies that also provide employment and training for those with disabilities, thus adding to the benefit to the community.

From the web site about how to get involved:

A little bit of action by all of the people can make a BIG difference! Currently, the national average is 4.62 pounds per person of trash generated per day. However, in Fremont County, the average is a whopping 9.3 pounds of garbage thrown away per person per day!

Interesting Fact:
The United States leads the industrialized world in municipal solid waste generation, with each person in the United States currently generating on average 4.62 pounds of waste per day. Canada and the Netherlands come in second and third, with 3.75 and 3 pounds per person per day, respectively. Germany and Sweden generate the least amount of waste per capita for industrialized nations, with just under 2 pounds per person per day. The United States, however, also leads the industrialized world in recycling. The United States recycled 24 percent of its waste in 1995, the most recent year for which comparative international data is available. Switzerland and Japan came in second and third, recycling 23 percent and 20 percent of their discard stream, respectively.

This web site is full of ideas for waste reduction, composting, and recycling. We invite you to browse the site, and implement some of the ideas in your home, school or office.

You can get involved with recycling directly by contacting any of these recycling groups of Fremont County:
Lander Recycles
Wind River Recycling
CWC Science Club in Riverton

You could help organize a clean-up or special waste round-up. In 2005, volunteers helped organize the Great Tire Round-Up to prevent West Nile virus. The six-week collection event yielded over 12,000 tires of all shapes and sizes. In addition, it provided an excellent fund-raiser for local non-profit groups. For details, call the District at (307) 332-7040.

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