Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Action is another part of keeping a Green Lent. The Upper Green River Valley Coalition gives information on the energy development and its impact in the Pinedale and other areas along the Green River. According to the web site: "The Upper Green River Valley Coalition is a group of citizens, sportsmen, businesses and conservation organizations dedicated to responsible, sustainable management of the wildlife, waters and air quality of Wyoming's Upper Green. This vital portion of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is under intense pressure from the oil and gas industry, which reaps more than $4 billion a year in natural gas. Our mission is to ensure energy extraction is balanced with the valley’s supreme natural values."
Their mission is: "Protecting the world-class big-game animals that depend on the Upper Green River Basin for survival
Safeguarding air quality for area residents and protecting Class I airsheds over wilderness areas in the Wind River Range
Increasing public awareness of the Green River Basin's significance as an integral part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Promoting public participation in the RMP revision process."
Click Here for Action ideas.
Here is a list of people to write:
Local media outlets:

Regional media outlets:

Legislators (Sublette County):
Rep. Monte Olsen:
Rep. Kathy Davison:
Sen. Pat Aullman:
Sen. Stan Cooper:

Congresspeople: (Congresswoman Cubin) (Senator Thomas) (Senator Enzi)

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