Thursday, February 22, 2007

Green Blogs

Thanks to comments on this blog I am discovering other blogs about being Green.

The Christian Environmentalist explores environmental issues from a Christian perspective. She is keeping a Local Lent. From her blog:
"And so, I've decided to being my own celebration of Lent by attempting to eat in a way that is fully appropriate for this season. I'll try to follow the vegan diet that is the traditional observance of Orthodoxy (I say try, because, after all, I never have given up chocolate for Lent before!). But I will also spend the first week of Lent on a more strict diet: all my meals will consist of only local food."

The Evangelical Ecologisthas some ideas for a Green Lent and other faith based ideas about taking care of the earth.


Catherine + said...

Hello Ann+. MadPriest pointed me over here from his blog, and Eileen [Episcopalifem] has mentioned you on more than one postive occasion. Great ideas and a great blog. I will forward the link to here to some friends of mine at the ol' parish.

Blessings to you and what you are doing here.

lisa said...

Ann, thanks so much for the quote, and for the great blog! It is great to see that several of us are trying this...

A deacon, by the grace of God, said...

Thanks so MUCH for this blog!! It really do hope that the Church comes to recognize that environmental stewardship is a justice issue. I'm recommending this blog to my parish tomorrow!!