Monday, February 26, 2007


After publishing the resources I have found to date and having lived 6 days of Lent, here is how I am doing on my personal commitment to Green Lent.

Driving - I am not driving around our little town. Walking the mile to the shops instead of jumping in the car each time I need something. We (my husband and I) aim for one shopping trip per week that needs the car. So far so good on that. I have to drive to work as it is 120 miles (one way) to the church I serve. I decided to try 55 mph instead of my usual 65-70 mph. Took a little longer (especially the with the flat tire that had to be changed) but not much and I was surprised at the difference on my gas gauge. Will start a record of that next time I fill the tank.

Recycling - continuing with the newspaper, magazines and plastic bottles. Started with office pack - wow has that ever cut down on our per can amount for the garbage company. If we had glass and tin can recycling it would be even better.

Heating - keeping the house at 58-60 F. Only warming spaces where we sit for longer periods of time. This has been our pratice all along but reporting it anyway. Cuts our heating bills almost in half.

Other stuff - washing clothes in cold water. Hard for me to give up whiter whites - oh well.

And An Inconvenent Truth won an Oscar!! Along with my favorite best actress - Helen Mirren.

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Ann, what are you doing! You're making me feel soooo guilty. No, really. It's a good reminder to me to do better.

Our town has no sidwalks except in the older sections. It makes walking harder, because you're walking along highways and through concrete parking lots with the cars zipping in and out.

One thing I'm doing is waiting for a full load of clothes before running the washing machine. We do recycling and composting.